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Are you searching for a reputable online supplier of urinal blocks in Australia?

Urinal Cake is a highly recommended Australian company that provides class-leading washroom supplies and urinal cleaning supplies.

If you are searching for a simple and economical way of keeping the men’s bathroom in your commercial property free of funky smells, you are going to love the innovative range of urinal cakes and urinal mats the team provides. Suitable for both flushing and waterless urinals, these class-leading cleaning supplies are a cost-effective means of ensuring your urinals are clean and presentable.

Cheap Urinal Cakes

Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, the range of urinal blocks use non-harming chemicals to create a gentle fragrance. With normal use, the urinal cakes last up to a month offering an excellent value for money cleaning solution. The benzene free composition dissolves in water, so they will never crystallise and block your drains. With active enzymes and ingredients, the urinal cakes dissolve soft uric scale build-up to ensure your bathroom drains are properly maintained.

Don’t waste your money on inferior quality urinal blocks that just wash down the drains. Urinal Cake uses premium quality ingredients to offer the very best value for money.

Whether you are purchasing urinal blocks for a school, shopping centre, warehouse, office block, strata property, office building, airport or service station, the team at Urinal Cake have the very best range of urinal cleaning supplies for Australian conditions.

The unique design of the urinal blocks ensures they are far superior to odour suppressants and air fresheners. These urinal blocks actively target the source of foul smells. When you use Urinal Cake cleaning products you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your men’s bathroom is providing a clean and professional impression.

Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities.

Cheap Urinal Mats Sydney

Are you on the lookout for cheap urinal mats?

Avoid expensive drain blockages by using urinal mats to prevent gum, hair, paper and rubbish from clogging your pipes. Urinal Cake has a range of cost-effective urinal mats that provide a simple solution to prevent blocked drains.

Come and visit the Urinal Cake website today to explore the entire range of products that are currently on sale.

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