Clean My Windows is a team of professional residential, commercial and industrial window cleaners that operates throughout the Northern Beaches and North Sydney region.

The Sydney window cleaning team at Clean My Windows has extensive training and experience in the window cleaning industry, and has undertaken numerous health and safety training courses to ensure that they can safely access and clean the windows on any property. Clean My Windows has a strong company focus on ensuring that customers are more than satisfied with the services that they provide. From the moment that you call Clean My Windows, you will recognise that you are treated with respect, and most importantly you will be treated as an individual. Clean My Windows offers free window cleaning quotes. Just let them know how many windows you want cleaned, the size and height of your property, the current state of your windows (eg. filthy, post-construction), and when you would like the windows cleaned, and they will give you a free quote. Clean My Windows has a wide range of satisfied customers that continue to use them for window cleaning.

Clean My Windows is based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney but operates throughout a large region. Clean My Windows provides window cleaning residential, commercial, industrial and strata properties from the Lower North Shore, to Hornsby, from the Manly Promenade to the Hills District. If you are looking for the most respected Manly window cleaner, then do not hesitate to call Clean My Windows. If you are not sure if you are in the service region for Clean My Windows, then give the service staff a call on 0416 622 134 and they will be happy to assist you.


Window cleaning is one of those pesky building maintenance tasks that is always harder than it looks, and is incredibly easy to put off until another day. Clean My Windows makes window cleaning easy, all you need to do is give them a call, and they will leave your windows gleaming. Cleaning your windows is not only important to keep your windows looking good, it will also prevent them from becoming stained, and prevents the rubbers that seal your windows from degrading. So cleaning your windows regularly is an essential property maintenance job that will add value to your property.

Clean My Windows uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and the latest window cleaning equipment to provide a clean like no other to your windows. Property owners are often surprised at the difference that a window clean can do to their property.

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Window Cleaning Tips from Clean My Windows

Do not use too much window cleaning solution. Once the solution is sudsy it is enough, using any more is just a waste.

If you can not safely access a window, do not even attempt cleaning it, leave it to the professionals that have the proper height access equipment to clean it safely.

Do not clean your windows in the heat of the day, it will leave streaks on your windows.

Once you have finished cleaning your windows, inspect them form inside and outside, and ensure that there is no spots and blemishes left.

Use proper tools. If you use cheap tools that are not up to standard, you can be at risk of scratching the windows.




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