Are you looking for unique outdoor furniture that stands out form the crowd?

Mamagreen is an outdoor furniture store that houses exciting ranges of outdoor furniture and homewares that will breath life into your residential or commercial outdoor setting. Crafted from sustainable materials Mamagreen outdoor furniture ensures that your furniture will not only look amazing but is also environmentally responsible.

With a reputation for innovative and creative outdoor furniture and accessories, you can be sure that you will be inspired when you explore the ranges that Mamagreen offers.

Mamagreen has a wide range of:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lounges
  • Stools
  • Side tables
  • Storage units
  • Sun loungers
  • Sofas
  • Coffee tables
  • Planters
  • Dining tables
  • Shades
  • Daybeds
  • Chaises

Mamagreen has a number of ranges each with their own unique personality. If you are after an exciting and bright outdoor setting then you will love the dynamic pieces in the Stripe collection. For subdued elegance the Mono collection with it’s sharp lines and simple colour scheme will perfectly suit your taste. There are collections for every personality, all you need to do is find yours.

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How does Mamagreen create sustainable outdoor furniture?

Mamgreen has established strict manufacturing procedures that ensure that every manufacturing process is as environmentally sustainable as is possible. Some of these procedures include: using recycled timbers, designing eco-friendly materials and manufacturing items once they are ordered thereby eliminating the need to have stock on hand. Mamagreen has become one of the leading names in the industry for crafting modern recycled teak furniture.

As normal furniture manufacturing procedures waste a lot of materials, Mamagreen has created policies that ensure that materials are not wasted. Some product lines have been created from excess materials from other products, so that no materials are wasted.

Where is Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture?

If you would like to come and explore the ranges of innovative outdoor furniture that Mamagreen offers, come and visit the showroom at 483 Balmain Road, Lilyfield. The staff at Mamagreen can provide professional support and help you find the ideal outdoor setting for your residential or commercial property. With years of experience in the industry the team at the Lilyfield showroom can assist you in combining pieces from the different Mamagreen ranges in order to provide you with outdoor furniture that not only looks exquisite, but is also provides you with the outdoor lifestyle that you always dreamed of.

Who is Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture?

Mamagreen is one of the world’s fastest growing furniture manufacturers. With a team of dynamic furniture designers crafting exciting ranges of high end outdoor furniture, the Mamagreen brand now has stores in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. The award winning designs from Mamagreen combine style and functionality to create outdoor settings that are beautiful and comfortable.

Since launching in Singapore in 2007 Mamagreen, headed by Belgian designer Vincent Cantaert, has been crafting modern cutting edge outdoor furniture from sustainable materials. The name Mamagreen was chosen to highlight the environmental responsibility that motivates the team to manufacture sustainable furniture.

The unique modern design of the Mamagreen outdoor furniture has been acclaimed at furniture design expos all over the world, including the International Casual Furnishings Association, where Mamagreen won the esteemed “Best of Show”.



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