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Sydney Anchor Points is a team of qualified height safety professionals that is the leading anchor point installation and certification team in the Greater Sydney Region. Sydney Anchor Points is a family owned and operated company that has built up a reputation in the industry for providing the highest standard of workmanship, using the highest quality materials, and providing industry leading customer service. Sydney Anchor Points have a thorough understanding of the council and legislative requirements in your area, so they can guide you though the paperwork to make sure that your property is meeting the local requirements. Sydney Anchor Points place great emphasis on ensuring that all customers of Sydney Anchor Points are not only satisfied with the experience, but more than satisfied. That is the reason that Sydney Anchor Points have provided a website that allows the entire process of dealing with Sydney Anchor Points a streamlined experience. From the moment that you contact Sydney Anchor Points until you receive an official anchor point certification letter, you will be treated with the highest level of respect, and always be provided with clear communication. That is the reason why Sydney Anchor Points have become one of the industries most trusted service providers.

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State and local OHS legislation requires property owners to provide their staff with a safe working environment when working at heights. Gutter cleaners, window cleaners, roof painters and maintenance personnel regularly are required to ascend onto roofs while working. The easiest and most efficient way of providing a safe working environment at heights is to install fall restraint systems. One of the key elements of a fall restraint or fall prevention system is anchor points. Anchor points come in a variety of designs, but the general principle of an anchor point is they are the anchor that links onto a line that connects to a harness to prevent an individual from falling from height. Because there are so many anchor points on the market it is important that only qualified health and safety professionals install anchor points, as a poorly installed, or inappropriate anchor point will not provide adequate protection.

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Sydney Anchor Points provide a complete height safety service. Not only do they install anchor points, but they also provide height safety auditing, install ladder brackets and provide anchor point certification. If you are unsure what type of height safety system to install, the team at Sydney Anchor Points will highlight the available options, and allow you to make an educated decision. Anchor points need to be certified annually to ensure that they are still in working order. Sydney Anchor Points provide a convenient certification process, and will provide you with a printed certification record.

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Sydney Anchor Points is based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but services the entire Greater Sydney region, from the Sutherland Shire, up to Hornsby, from Bondi to Penrith. Sydney Anchor Points provides anchor points installation and certification to residential, commercial, strata and industrial properties.

Call Sydney Anchor Points to speak directly to one of the industries most respected height safety specialists directly on 02 8020 5729, or visit

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