Urinal Block

There is nothing as off putting to clients and staff as a filthy bathroom. Foul smells and dirty urinals leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Ensure your bathroom is clean, stench free and easy to maintain by using urinal blocks that really work.

Urinal Cake is a Sydney company that provides facility managers, property owners and strata-titled building managers with discount rates on a wide range of urinal cleaning products. The team at Urinal Cake is comprised of industry experts and tradesmen that are committed to taking the hassle out of sourcing affordable waterless urinal cleaning materials.

The Urinal Cake online store has a wide range of products, including:

The unique composition of the urinal cakes ensures they fully dissolve in water while actively removing uric scale and chemical buildup. Not only will your urinals remain visibly clean but they will be free from foul odours as well.

The Urinal Cake team have researched and tested numerous urinal cakes in order to find an effective and cost-efficient product to suit the needs of Australian facility managers. As the urinal cakes that the team retails last up to an entire month before they need replacing, Urinal Cake is sure that they have the ideal solution for keeping your urinals clean on a budget.

Come and discover the entire range of urinal cleaning supplies the team provides on the company website.

Urinal Cake

Address: U1 84 Wanganella St, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Phone: 0448 198 598

Website: https://www.urinalcake.com.au/

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